11 de septiembre de 2012

Alberto Fabra at the opening of ESPAITEC 2

Last Monday, 10th of September at 18:00h, took place the the Scientific, Technological and Managerial Park opening event. The Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Center ESPAITEC 2 is located in the Universitat Jaume I campus area.

The President of the Valencian Region, Mr. Alberto Fabra has presided the inaugural act together with the maximum representatives of Castellón province: Mr. Vicent Climent Jordà, Rector of Universitat Jaume I, the president of the Province, Javier Moliner, the government delegate, Paula Sánchez of León and the mayor, Alfonso Bataller, between other authorities.

inauguracion fabra espaitec2

The new building Espaitec 2 has a capability of twenty innovative companies in phase of acceleration and growth.
At present, five companies with technological base realize their activity in the new facilities: Ingesom Automation and Software, ActualTec Innovación Tecnológica, Mediciones y Corrosión, Biótica Bioquímica Analítica and Sofistic Telematic Security.
During his intervention, the president has emphasized that ESPAITEC is already a reference in technology, innovation and entrepeneurship in Castellón counting with 39 companies, invoicing 72 million euros and holding 360 jobs. Also, he has pointed out that the universities of Valencian Region are big producers of investigation and the companies have to benefit from all this result to grow and to be consolidated.


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Noticia en ESPAITEC

Alberto Fabra asiste a la inauguración del ESPAITEC 2 en la Universitat Jaume I. El

Fabra afirma que la Comunitat Valenciana es un enclave estratégico para poner en marcha nuevas iniciativas empresariales que generen empleo.

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Fabra inaugura un centre d’intercanvi de coneixement entre universitats, empreses i administració.

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